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Frequently Asked Questions


In the event that our customer makes a special written request and gives up all kinds of prior rights due to the mutual respect and communication due to being in contact (because of the evidence in our possession), all records and data can be irrevocably deleted.

Answer: Any communication you make with us (phone call, e-mail, whatsapp, messages, support system messages, ticket system messages, etc.) is recorded and kept protected. First of all, we provide information on the subject before the first use of our services (except for fast products) and we maintain all communication for at least 5 years on average. It is imperative that all communications be recorded so that the instructions given over the telephone can be understood correctly and completely by the customer or by us, and can be proved in any future event.

Question: What are your communication rules and requirements?


There are no refunds for web hosting transactions, but refunds are possible provided that e-commerce packages, additional packages and services are not used (not delivered to us). In this case, hosting, domain, if any special graphic design fees are absolutely non-refundable digital products and services, and in the case of withdrawal of these non-refundable services can be delivered to the customer all management in a 1-year period.

Video editing is possible without a refund for the first product. In video editing works, a commitment is requested by e-mail and work is started according to this commitment (project). You have the right to withdraw from the final product within 24 hours of the start of this work, but you can only request a revision afterwards. In this case, the refund is completely negative.

For example, in graphic design works, if the revision product is not given to the customer side, it is possible to return the fee only if the draft is left, but even if the draft is revised and entered into the revision, this product is the final product and the decision is non-refundable.

Answer: It is not possible to give direct information on this subject. It is necessary to evaluate this completely on product basis and pay attention to the contractual provisions.

Question: What are your refund requirements?


At least 3 revisions are provided free of charge according to the work done in graphic design and editing. The slightest changes in our system are not considered as revisions, and there is no additional charge for an average of up to 8 hours of work until we meet our customer's needs.

Web services starting from the first payment day of your website for 365 days to full site change all kinds of transactions are made by us free of charge. Especially in web services, a service specific contract is prepared and all of these services need to be evaluated according to the provisions of the contract.

Answer: Especially in software products, support is provided without any extra demand for one year (or longer than the agreement / product) with our on-site or remote support service. Only on-site service and training requests, transportation fees, and in some cases, overtime can be requested.

Question: How does your support process work in software, web services and graphics?


After the payment is approved, domain transactions and hosting activation are performed according to your requests. After the design, arrangement, first package operations and all the services that are specific to your choice are performed and delivered to you in a usable state

Answer: After you have made your selection, we will check your wire transfer or card payment process and then contact you.

Question: How does the process work after the purchase process of the web design / hosting product I have chosen is completed?