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Video Editing Service

Video Editing Service
Video Editing Service

We combine all the videos and pictures you've taken together and create a single video just for you.

Do you think much more than a collage of videos you have prepared yourself?

Would you like to have a special video that consists of chapters, a story, the beginning and the end of the movie, with the same entry and final articles?

With special transitions and effects between your photos and a great movie of your videos, we can make you a special production.

You can review our options for our prices that vary by time.

Package price is 600 TL (Maximum 20 minutes video)

ADDITIONAL PACKAGE 1: 10 Minutes - 200 TL

ADDITIONAL PACKAGE 2: Additional entrance and final music with an additional 15 minutes - 400 TL

ADDITIONAL PACKAGE 3: Photo book (Design and arrangement entirely ours) - 400 TL

ADDITIONAL PACKAGE 4: Additional photobook (exactly the same design) (Must be chosen together with the photo book preference) - 120 TL

* 1-2-3 numbered packages can be taken from these packages individually. Package number 4 can only be purchased with package number 3.

* The prices of all packages are the prices to be added to this main product.

* This product package cannot be purchased directly on the site. Private purchase process should be opened for this, you can call us directly from our phone number, write to the support system or write to our corporate WhatsApp line.

* You can make all your payments on our site up to 6 installments with your credit card.

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